Монеты Анны Иоанновны и Иоанна III

  • ISBN 5-93990-007-0
  • Год выхода 2001
  • Страниц 136
  • Изображений 689
  • Цветность ч/б
  • Формат 225x310 мм
  • Обложка переплет

This volume is dedicated to the coins of historical reign of ANNA and IOANN III 1730-1741.

Anna’s rubles are a special theme in Russian numismatics. Nearly seventeen million pieces were struck during a comparatively short period of time, using hand-carved dies which rapidly lose quality. As a result we can see today numerous varieties of Anna’s coins.

When considering Anna’s rubles, it is really worth mentioning the name of the modern Russian specialist POLUIKO E.G., who spent many years studying and researching this theme. His cataloque, “ANNA’S RUBLE”, includes descriptions of more than 700 varieties and considers most of the dies used in terms of form and detail. Poluiko is also known for his dies classification system, which has determined direction and given opportunity for future research in this area. He also points out in the introduction to “ANNA’S RUBLE”, that the complete lack of illustration and different approaches to coin description, often lead to errors in coin identification. Taking serious note of this assertion, the author of the Russian Coins of Anna and Ioann III has decided to restrict his system work and use the simplified classification proposed by ILIN and TOLSTOY in their work “RUSSIAN COINS FROM 1725 TO 1801”. We have also made extensive use of coin illustrations that were available to us. With regard to Ioann III 1740–1741, virtually all the coins from this comparatively short period are already known and illustrated in cataloques. It is considered highly improbable that new pieces will be discovered.

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