Монеты Екатерины I и Петра II

  • ISBN 5-93990-006-2
  • Год выхода 2001
  • Страниц 133
  • Изображений 758
  • Цветность ч/б
  • Формат 225x310 мм
  • Обложка переплет

In 1998 my old friend YUJI OTANI proposed that together we should publish an illustrated catalogue of coins dating from the time of Peter the Great. The original idea was aimed at creating an effective and easy to use reference book for specialists and beginners.

There were three main reasons to start this extensive and extremely interesting project:

The first reason lies in the growing interest of collectors of Russian coins from the time of Peter I.

The second reason was that most catalogues dedicated to this period, were of a descriptive character with only a few illustrations. These shortcomings often lead to errors and the wrong identification of coins on the part of collectors.

The third reason is closely connected with the “CORPUS”, by Grand Prince George Mikhailovich. This edition is rather expensive, rare, and practicaly unobtainable for the majority of collectors. Besides that, the chapter “PETER I” not completed, and the second volume “1711–1719” has no description. The third one “1720-1725” was not published at all.

While planning this catalogue we were fully aware that such an edition would constantly need corrections and changes. That is why we have decided to publish it in comparatively small quantities – only 650 copies.

It took us two years to prepare the catalogue for publication and printing. Its appearance on the market has prompted many warm and some critical comments of users and specialists. Thank you very much, because we highly appreciate all your proposals and remarks and will certainly consider them in our future work.

The unprecedented growth of interest in Russian coins throughout the world, enhanced by the feeling of creativity and the exciting character of the work, has encouraged us to continue publishing the series of illustrated catalogues of coins dating up to 1917.

The present book is dedicated to the coins of CATHERINA I and PETER II 1725–1730. The forthcoming new catalogue will soon be published to cover the period 1730-1741 of ANNA and IOANN. We consider it to be very interesting for users because its aim is to supplement essentially the “CORPUS”of Grand Prince George Mikhailovich.

The final word of this project must be to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our friends and acquaintances for sharing information and for lending us so many numismatic materials and books from their private collections. We are also thankful to all the technical personnel who worked so hard to ensure the success of this joint project.

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