Монеты Елизаветы I и Петра III

  • ISBN 5-87785-022-9
  • Год выхода 2002
  • Страниц 184
  • Изображений 1215
  • Цветность ч/б
  • Формат 225x310 мм
  • Обложка переплет

The book offered here is the fifth in the series of “Russian Coins” Catalogues, which is a joint venture of Yuji Otani, the president of “Daruma International Galleries” and M. Diakov.

As in preceeding volumes the illustrations in this book are based on the  “Corpus” of Grand Duke George Mikhailovich and classification used is that of Ilin and Tolstoy in their work “Russian Coins from 1725 to 1801”. “Russian Coins of Elizabeth I and Peter III” has a great number of illustrations and descriptions of coins not included in above – mentioned publications and some of them are published here for the first time.

In addition, the author wishes to thank friends and fellow collectors who contributed to the first two volumes of the series “Russian Coins of Peter the Great”:  in 2001 this work was highly praised by the International Association of Professional Numismatists IAPN, which awarded it a prize as “The Best Numismatic Publication of the Year”.


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